Guidance for operators and critical suppliers.

Keep existing brands compliant, apply for a B2C License, register or deregister brands, apply for a
B2B Accreditation for any of the 14 critical gaming services. Arrange it here.

Apply for a B2C License

A reliable Curaçao gaming license enhances player confidence in your brand

Start your application by clicking on the link below.

Acquire a B2B Accreditation

Apply for a B2B Accreditation for any of the 14 critical gaming services.

A B2B Accreditation brings CEG's intermediary support in B2B disputes, discounted promotion on CEG's websites and other perks.

Apply for Brand updates

Add brands to or remove brands from an existing license.

Brands need to conform with CEG brand policies.

B2B Disputes

Request CEG’s intermediary assistance in disputes between critical suppliers and Operators that, despite trying, have remained unresolved.

All disputes with a CEG B2C Operator pertaining to supplier related matters, for example payment disputes, agreements and terms & conditions, should first be taken up directly with the B2C Operator. If no resolution is found, a supplier ("B2B Plaintiff") may opt to escalate the matter to Curaçao eGaming ("CEG") by clicking the link below. By doing so, the B2B plaintiff agrees to the terms and conditions of the B2B dispute handling. In short, when you opt to use this free service, you will be given the opportunity to present any information regarding your complaint to CEG, which will then also provide the B2C Operator with this opportunity. If necessary, the B2B Supplier will be given another opportunity to respond. After this, CEG shall make a determination. Parties do not have to accept the outcome of CEG’s decision in the matter. However, all parties have to declare that they have answered all questions truthfully and that all information provided is authentic. They have to declare to understand that if facts are established to the contrary there may be potential legal consequences.

Alternate Designation Updates (ADs / Aliases)

Add or remove alternate designations (ADs / aliases) to/from existing brands.

Please see CEG's policies on alternate designations.

License Verification Certificate (LVC) Requests

Request a License Verification Certificate to verify the license of a CEG licensed brand to a third-party supplier.

Operators may request proof for third party suppliers that they have been appropriately licensed under CEG.

General Enquiries

Use this feature to contact CEG for any other enquiries.

Please be specific in order to connect to the appropriate department.